Friday, April 11, 2008

Let's get started!

The Planners Lab blog is a place for you to share your ideas regarding Decision Support Systems – ideas about research, teaching, applications, innovations, emerging technologies, problems, war stories, and other fun DSS stuff. This blog is for people genuinely interested in using technologies to rehearse the future (Peter Keen's term). The blog is located at You may also access the blog from or Here are some ideas of what to look forward to from your contributions:
  • Graduate students identify thesis topics.

  • Researchers with common interests are able to connect, collaborate and pursue funding together.

  • Identification of problems that need addressing.

  • Teachers find ideas for teaching.

  • Readers and contributors get a feel for what's hot in the field at a point in time.

  • Community or special interest group(s) are formed.

  • Face-to-face events evolve.

  • New products develop and new features are incorporated into existing tools.

The above is clearly not a complete list. There will be great ideas emerge that I can’t imagine at this time. It will be fun to learn what you are thinking.

Just in case you don’t already know, Dan Power also has a blog. You no doubt already know about his

OK lets do it! Who will be the first? This blog is not a “diary”. It is a place for everyone to contribute.

[Note: Of course I am interested in the use of Planners Lab for research, teaching, and decision making applications. However this is not the place to promote the software or to offer suggestions for its improvement – for those kind of inputs please email them to me at]